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& Other Dangerous Bully Dog Breeds.


Victims of Fires, and National Disasters have the American Red Cross. Victims of Rape, Domestic Violence and Gun Violence have many groups that have formed to help support the victims. People attacked by Pitbulls and other Dangerous Dogs have no one. Victims of Pitbulls and other Dangerous Dogs often have extensive physcial injuries that are much more severe than a common dog bite. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a common problem in both Pets and People attacked by Pitbulls and Bully Breeds including American Staffordshire Terriers, Rotweillers, Presa Canaros, Cane Corsos, and Bull Mastiffs. Victims of Pitbulls and other Bully Breeds face additional challenges that other victims of violence do not face including:

BLAME and RIDICULE: It is very common for victims of Pitbulls to be blamed for their attacks. They have been told they shouldn't of been walking outside, shouldn't of looked the pitbull in the eye, should not of been riding a bike, riding an elevator, or walking a dog. The blame for the attack is put on the victim. Small children are blamed even when they were sitting on a couch watching television when the pitbull attacked. Excuses are also made for pitbulls that maul infants to death. Imagine that one day you are fine and the next you are being airlifted to a hospital for a severe and traumatic pitbull attack. When you arrive, the nurse comments that "It's Not The Dogs Fault." Other victims of dangerous dogs have been told, "They must have done something" to set the dog off. People who have experienced dog bites by normal dogs that do not usually require surgeries, diminish the victims injuries with comments like: " I was 'bitten by a chihuahua, poodle, or Collie.' " These comments imply that the tiny nips of toy dog breeds are the same thing as life threatening pitbull dog maulings. Others chant, "All dogs bite". The victim's injuries that often require multiple surgeries, including plastic surgeries, are reduced to mere "bites". The severity of the Pitbull attack victim's injuries are diminished despite the common statement given to the news media by pitbull attack survivors repeatedly: " I Thought I was Going To Die."

THREATSand HARRASSMENT: Some victims receive threats by phone, internet and mail telling them to keep quiet about their attacks. It is important to remember that the threats are all BARK and no BITE. The harrassment and threats still hurts people that need to be supported. Family and community members often abandon the victims. They don't want to "get involved" and get anyone mad at them. Other times, friends and family members own bully breeds and they pressure the victim to stay quiet and harrass them. They do not acknowledge the pain and suffering of the victim.

The DOG is IDOLIZED: Facebook groups and community groups of pitbull advocates expend a lot of time, money, and energy to pressure Judges, elected officials, and Animal Control agencies through meetings, facebook campaigns, and petitions to SAVE the dogs that attacked with relentless and life-threatening aggression. Mothers and Fathers that have lost children to pitbull attacks have had the intense loss and pain they have suffered ignored. The President of The United States often comforts parents that lose children due to other forms of violence. Families that lose loved ones to pitbull maulings are ignored. They are further disillusioned when they see people form cult-like vigils for the dogs that killed their loved ones. Groups do not gather to help the victim or support them which increases feelings of low-self worth, abandonment, isolation, and loneliness.

PET OWNERS often lose their cats or dogs to attacks by Pitbulls and other Dangerous Bully Breeds. They are angry when the public doesn't acknowledge the pain and suffering of their pets. They do not feel safe walking their pets in their neighborhoods, using their yards, or visiting parks after an attack. These Pet owners, including children, suffer from depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, sadness, and many times, physical injuries incurred when they tried to save their family pet from death. Imagine listening to your pet cry out and squeal in pain. Imagine children being present while there is blood and tissue being spattered everywhere. The attacking dog is covered under the "one free bite rule" that was designed to address minor bites from the common dogs of yesteryear; These laws were not designed for the severe and sustained attacks of Pitbulls and other Bully dog breeds. After the pitbull mauls and kills, it goes right back home with the irresponsible owners.

FINANCIAL PROBLEMS: Pitbull and Bully Breed Dog Attacks are EXPENSIVE! Attacks by Pitbulls and other Dangerous Bully dog breeds routinely require transport to the hospital in a helicopter air ambulance at an average cost of 18,000 dollars! Less than 2 percent of dog attack victims receive any compensation from the attacking dog's owner or their insurance. The dog owner might not have insurance if they are renters, the dog owner might not be identified, or the dog owner files for bankruptcy. Disability, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Unemployment, Disfigurement and Multiple Surgeries- including Plastic Surgeries that are not covered by insurance, are common financial burdens. Victims have had their credit destroyed, lost homes, businesses and careers because of an attack by a Pitbull or other Dangerous Dog. A study conducted by San Antonio, Texas PhD's: Mortality, Mauling, and Maiming by Vicious Dogs, found that Pitbull attacks cause the longest hospital stays and the largest medical bills, as well as the most permanent disability, disfigurement, and death.

POLITICS and Propaganda: The promotion of pitbulls as pets began after governments moved to criminalize dog fighting. Dog fighting is an international multi-billion dollar untaxed business and form of gambling entertainment. Dog fighting is often tied to other forms of criminal activity. Dog fighters promote the popularity of pitbulls, because family owned pitbulls hide dog fighter's crimes. Dog fighters and breeders have crafted a public relations campaign to promote pitbulls as pets using facebook groups, breeders, dog owners, television, slogans, and advertising. The most common time for pitbull regulations to be considered is after a severe pitbull attack. When a county or city considers regulations on pitbulls, the pitbull advocacy organizations post the contact information for local leaders on the internet, and encourage supporters to sign petitions, send letters, and attend government meetings to influence the decisions of local lawmakers. These actions give nonlocal pitbull advocates a voice in areas where they do not live, and give leaders the false impression that voters do not want pitbulls and dangerous dogs regulated. Miami Dade Florida showed politicans last year that the majority of locals support bans on pitbulls. Television programs including Pit Boss, and Pitbulls and Parolees, perpetuate myths about pitbulls, and popularize the breed. Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer, also promotes pitbulls as pets. Cesar admits there are major differences between normal dogs and " pitbulls and fighting breeds".

SUPPORT FOR VICTIMS of Pitbulls and Other Dangerous Bully Breeds is an unmet need. Through out history, citizens in the United States have formed groups to help support and address the problems of victims that suffer from common types of violence. Public acknowledgement and support for the growing number of people suffering from attacks by Pitbulls and other Dangerous Bully Dog breeds fills a crucial unmet need. The victims of Pitbull attacks need to be heard. Supporting these dog attack victims raises their spirits, and helps renew their faith in the goodness of humanity. Listening to their stories helps educate the public and make them aware of how vulnerable everyone is to being attacked by a pitbull.


Support and Prevent Attacks by American Pitbull Terriers and other Dangerous dogs. Dogs that Maul and Dogs that bite are two different things.